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The Ultimate Sales Revolution brings solutions to the challenges in sales today. It gives you a map of the process to achieve the highest level of professional relationship, what Steve Lishansky calls becoming an Indispensable Partner in your client’s success.

The Ultimate Sales Revolution by Steve LIshansky

Not Your Typical
Sales Book


It won’t teach you outdated techniques that clients are tired of.


It won’t sanitize manipulative techniques that have made it hard for prospects and clients to want to give time to a sales person.


It won’t focus on ways to coerce or talk clients into doing what you want them to do.


It teaches you how to build high value, effective, and sustainable relationships with everyone you aim to influence.


It reveals the essential universal human dynamics at the heart of every successful client relationship.


It gives you the what, why and how to create more impact, value and results with everyone you work with.

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Become An Indispensable Partner In Your Clients’ Success

The solutions this book offers are based on universal human dynamics – the essential principles of how human beings:

  • Communicate
  • Build Relationships
  • Create Greater Impact, Value, & Results in Their Work Together

These principles and practices are the multipliers of success in sales and professional relationships — as well as every human relationship.

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The Way Sales
is Done is Going to
Change & Improve –
& You Can
Make a Difference!

If you are ready for more impact, value and results – in truly authentic, collaborative, and successful ways – with your sales and client relationships, this book is for you.

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