People Are Saying
About the Book

What People Are Saying About the Book
Steve Lishansky provides the perfect demonstration of how, and why, the world of sales really needs a revolution, and he’s the best person I know to lead that revolution. This book is a true treasure trove of strategy and information; supported by an undeniable passion and heart for business and building relationships. His approach is not only straightforward and manageable, but it’s a true recipe for success. His methods are proven and applicable to any level, and market, of sales you find yourself in; from entry level to executive. The Ultimate Sales Revolution is exactly what the world of sales needs today. JOE MECHLINSKI

CEO, EntreQuest, Inc.

I wish this book was written 30 years ago when I first started The Hire Net.Work Inc. I shudder to think of the time I could have saved developing executive relationships with Fortune 100 companies. This book is a great inspiration and an accelerator for every one of us involved in every level of sales and marketing. LOUIS NOORDEN

President, The Hire NetWork Inc

This book will truly revolutionize the way you think about selling. To re-frame what you do from selling to facilitating clarity about what is most important to your clients is a wonderful new way to optimize your relationship with clients. This ultimately translates to better results for the clients – and for you! If selling is a part of your business (and it should be for everyone), this is a must read! LINDA STEWART

CEO, Innovation Associates

As someone who practiced, managed, trained and taught sales most of my career I was blown away when I read Steve’s book. Steve has never ceased to amaze me with his ability make the complex understandable and effective. The Ultimate Sales Revolution shows you how to master sales better, faster, and far more efficiently. Highly recommended! JASON PAPPAS

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Antson Capital Partners

Do your clients get exceptional value from doing business with you? Steve Lishansky reconstructs what “sales” should be, and turns an often intimidating process into one of adding immense value for clients. His training shifted our agency’s focus on sales and transformed it to building relationships, value and trust. BARRI RAFFERTY

CEO North America, Ketchum (division of Omnicom)

Every aspect of business is undergoing profound disruption and accelerating change. We need to rethink our approach to sales in order to compete and win. In The Ultimate Sales Revolution, Steve Lishansky gives us a road-map for sales in the 21st century. Selling is no longer about pushing products and promoting benefits. Customers are now co-creators, and salespeople need to be indispensable and collaborative partners. Steve shows us not just what to do, but how to think. This is must reading for anyone looking to shift their business to the next level. MARK BONCHECK

Founder, thinkORBIT and SHIFT Academy

Steve is one of the most inspiring professionals in the field of sales. He is a master at taking something as complex as sales, and making it simple to understand and be far more successful at. This is a must read for anyone seriously committed to success in sales. JESSE KIM

Senior Director of Sales, Oracle

This universally applicable, impeccable system Steve outlines and clarifies in The Ultimate Sales Revolution is a must read, for both salespeople and every executive who wants to have greater success dealing with others. Masterfully done! DAVID ROHLANDER

Best-selling author of The CEO Code; Leadership and Communication Expert

I must admit that I’ve been avoiding sales as much as I could – until I read The Ultimate Sales Revolution. It shows how to build partnerships rooted in a foundation of trust, rapport and long-term results. With Steve Lishansky’s proven, integrity driven, win-win methodology, you have the blueprint for outstanding high-value communication, client relationships – and success. ZSUZSA NOVAK

Global Impact Expert

Steve Lishansky has changed the game of selling altogether. Not only does his approach help you win more sales, but those sales will be far larger than you ever imagined possible. This book shows you how to work with clients to go from being a ‘me too’ vendor to their Indispensable Partner in success. MARC WAYSHAK

Bestselling author of Game Plan Selling; Expert Sales Strategist

The Ultimate Sales Revolution is the most important book on business development you will ever read. In fact, get rid of all your other tomes on sales and marketing and get this one! It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you will accelerate and amplify your success and your organization’s success with these critical distinctions and powerful practices. This is your road-map for how to get the best possible client relationships and maximum competitive advantage. SUZI POMERANTZ

MT, MCC, CEO, Innovative Leadership International; Best Selling Author of Seal the Deal

The strategies in this book are the rocket fuel to your next level of high value relationship success! Steve Lishansky is a true genius and master of creating successful sales relationships. His book teaches you how to connect at the highest level of values and what is most important to your client. This is one of the most important business books you will ever read – and one you’ll refer to frequently until you’ve mastered these skills. MITCHELL STEVKO

CEO, SuccessfulGenius.com and TheSleepCompanion.com

The process of sales is part science and part art. Steve helps us navigate through this world with expertise, insight and conviction. This is a must read for every sales professional. HUW JONES

Senior Global Brand Director, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

This book gives us an insightful window into how business must be done today – and for years to come. This is your best source for any salesperson, leader, or business change agent who is looking to be more successful in the marketplace, and push the boundaries of excellence and innovation. If you are looking to build a culture of organizational and sales excellence, The Ultimate Sales Revolution shows you the way to make it happen. JANE DEUBER

CEO, The Virtual Academy Builder; Entrepreneurial Growth Strategist

Steve’s approach to selling is spot on and a must to succeed for any organization. In today’s business environment, you must become a trusted partner – one that understands the clients’ business and what is most important to them. This leads to building trust, increases their willingness to give you time, makes for outstanding long-term relationships, and ultimately increases sales. This approach is the foundation for creating great Customer Experience. BASIL DENNO

Vice President Sales, Novo Nordisk

High impact leaders, regardless of their function, will benefit from Steve’s wisdom on creating high value relationships. CYNTHIA CARPENTER

Vice President Business Products, Charter Communications

The Sales Industry is going through significant transition, and success will be even greater for those who learn to navigate this new landscape well. The Ultimate Sales Revolution is your must-have road map to deliver the results that matter most to your clients. Steve Lishansky’s strategies have changed the trajectory of my career and life. Now, with The Ultimate Sales Revolution, everyone else has access to growing your sales impact, value and success, and improving your career and life. NEAL TRICARICO

Vice President Sales, Search Optics; Founder, Sales Growth, Inc

Steve Lishansky shows sales professionals how to think about “selling” in a whole new manner. It turns old sales practices upside down, making the process far more intuitive, and success so much more likely! BRUCE DOUGLAS

CEO, Education Dynamics

When creating highly valuable client relationships is your focus, The Ultimate Sales Revolution shows you how to do it better, faster, and far more successfully. Strongly recommended to everyone who is committed to significantly better results with your clients. PEGGY McGILLIN

CEO, Journey Financial Planners

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