Steve Lishansky

Steve Lishansky has been selling his entire life. Over the last 24 years thousands of top professional services providers, high-end salespeople, and leaders from more than 40 countries have increased their impact, value and results through their work with Steve.

Steve Lishansky, Author
The Ultimate Sales Revolution by Steve Lishansky
The content found in Steve’s book, The Ultimate Sales Revolution, has been embraced as critical to massively accelerating and expanding the success that program participants have achieved with their clients. Now it is available to you.

Steve’s clients range from the Fortune 500 to high growth entrepreneurial companies to leading consultants and firms with high-level technical expertise. Learning to apply his fundamental, universal human dynamics produced extraordinary levels of engagement and success in sales results, communication effectiveness, professional relationships, and team leadership.

Steve’s professional passion is helping his clients to quickly and profoundly transform their client relationships, improve their most important results, and be known as the leaders in their field. He is also fervently dedicated to family, traveling, and changing the world.

Institute for Sales Innovation
He founded the Institute for Sales Innovation in 1992 to transform the speed and impact of sales done in the most ethical, principle-based, rapid, and highly effective.ways. As many leaders, managers and technical experts discovered his work, he created Optimize International to focus on helping them and their teams accelerate and go beyond the results they normally achieved. He calls this “teaching sales skills to people who would never call themselves salespeople”. Of course, once they learn his methods, they realize that they, and everyone else sells. Now they know how to do it in ways that are impact, value and results oriented in the service of their constituencies.

Steve Has Worked With Leading Organizations Across Many Industries

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